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Campak Gear

Large Canvas Bag

Large Canvas Bag

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Go ahead and get it! You'll never pack the same again!
Our Large Campak Compression Bag is the only bag out there that does what it can do! The uses for this bag are the reasons it was created. No more pillows floating around the car or getting dirty in the back of the truck. Make packing for your next camping, boating, RV or road trip easier and put everything in one bag.This bag is ideal for all your large gear that you don't want dirty, wet, and don't have any other way of bringing it without using the all too familiar- garbage bags.
This bag will fit:
  • 8-10 King pillows
  • 4 XL Pillows and 4 blankets
  • 2 XL Sleeping bags
  • 4 Pillows and 4 sleeping bags
  • and so much more!
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