What CAN you fit in your CAMPAK?

What CAN you fit in your CAMPAK?

     I love to push our bags to the max. Just how much can I fit? I want to get as much out of life as I can. What can I use this for to make my life easier? How can I make it possible to get outdoors with my family faster and more often? My kids don't always love getting outdoors. (I make them help pack and unpack.)  Such unrealistic expectations I have for my kids! :)   After 2 years of developing and prototyping, I'm still surprised by what and how much this bag can do. 

     We travel a lot and like to mix it up once in a while. But we generally stick with three types of travel - tent camping, a weekend at grandma's and road trips. We don't get to do long road trips as much as we'd like, but traveling to grandma's is almost a two for one. She lives far enough away that we get a little mini road trip at the same time. We love to be together as one big happy family as much as possible. And when all the kids and grand-kids come to play we're down one too many pillows and blankets. My little family of six can clean out that closet of comfort reserves in a jiffy! I used to stuff my car with everything we need for a simple trip to grandma's. NOT ANYMORE!! I specifically designed a bag that could fit ALL our family's pillows, and then some.

In a large CAMPAK bag I can fit:

  • 8-10 king pillows
  • 4 king pillows and 4 queen size quilts
  • 4-6 large comforters
  • 4-6 sleeping bags
  • 4 bags and 4 pillows
  • and so many other combinations!

     The large bag is my favorite! My husband loves our medium CAMPAK bag. We can fit:

  • 3-4 king pillows
  • 2 pillows and 2 sleeping bags
  • an XL sleeping bag
  • a full bedroll with pad
  • all our snow clothes
  • and so much more!

     During the summer we like to play in the water, so we make sure to pack our small CAMPAK bag with 6 beach towels.