Road Trippin'

Road Trippin'

     Traveling with four kids and a dog can be chaotic, claustrophobic, and crazy. The kids crying, spilling their snacks everywhere and constant bathroom breaks are a familiar back-seat scene for most any family. So how do you make your trips memorable - in a good way?

    Planning for the road and meeting everyone's individual needs can be overwhelming and costly. I've come to realize we all want the same things. A drink, a snack and something to do.  

     There are two types of "Road Trips" we take. Traveling from home to our single destination; and taking a trip on the road to see the country stopping multiple times along the way. We have basic essentials and fun pack essentials that we bring depending on the length of road time. Any trip under 2 1/2 hours one way only requires basic essentials. Anything longer and we gear up with the fun pack! Our basics are just that, basic. A snack, a drink, and something to color, read or write with. I love hearing my kids's stories and talking about their hopes and dreams. It's virtually impossible to do that if electronics are anywhere in sight so we don''t allow them in the basic travel essentials. 

     On long trips you can only sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall and play the licence plate game so many times before you go nuts. Our fun pack includes audio books, road games, something to snuggle with, more snacks, more drinks, limited electronic time and our favorite DVDs.  (I only ever get to listen to those.)

     No matter the car you drive there will always be room for drinks, snacks, books, DVDs, electronics and snuggles. So why does the car seem to shrink to half its normal size when you travel? Apparently car manufacturers weren't planning on our cars being our home away from home. When we first came up with our idea for the compression bags we were just looking for something to make it easier to pack up a large sleeping bag. As we started prototyping we instantly saw just how much this compression bag had to offer. Not only could we simplify our adventures but we would save so much time and space in the process. CAMPAK bags allow me space to bring the things I WANT and not just the things I need. I can fit 6 bikes, outdoor games, target practice, and all the tent camping needs for a family of 6 in a short-bed truck = LEGIT! I can pack all our pillows, blankets, clothes, games, baby toys, pack n' play and see out of the back window for a trip to grandma's = COMFORT! I can bring more towels, tarps, life jackets, blowup toys, hiking gear, sleds, snow clothes, and food = PEACE OF MIND! I can fit all the little things I want to throw in last minute to make our trip that much more EPIC = PRICELESS! 

     Usually more stuff = less space, but in this case more stuff = more CAMPAK!